Vanness Wu on Jerry Yan: “It’s exhausting to be his friend”

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F4’s popularity skyrocketed after the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden that they starred in was very successful across Asia. Although each member has their individual careers and are no longer performing  as a group, many fans still hold fond memories of F4.

Recently, Vanness Wu attended a variety programme and recalled his friendship with his other band members.

Commenting on his band members, Vanness said, “Vic Chou is very humorous. Ken Zhu is very straight forward. As for Jerry Yan, he is immature.”

When asked to elaborate on his comment on Jerry, Vanness replied candidly, “It’s tough and exhausting to be his friend, but it’s all worth it.”


From Vanness’ statement, it appears that he shares a deep bonding with Jerry. Jerry is also the only F4 member who turned up at Vanness’ wedding in January. 

The newly-wed Vanness also talked about his intimacy with his wife. After he was baptised as a christian , he abstained from sex for a few years until he was married.

“After I am married, I truly understand that such thing is a form of love which you can only cherish and interact with your significant half. You can only experience such intimacy with your other half in this world.”

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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  1. lorraine Reply

    I AM 4EVER FAN OF MG. we share same feelings as well i’m so addicted to this movie . i love this movie more than the movies of my generation . …

  2. sandz Reply

    i am one of those people that cant get over with meteor garden fever… loving the F4 is one of the happiest in my teenage life… specially when it comes to JERRY YAN… he is one of a kind for me… i am always fascinated of his innocent face… lovable smiles and everything about him… i am still looking forward for meteor garden III…. i will be a fan forever… love you JERRY YAN always…

  3. sphere Reply

    Jerry is the sunshine of my life, he shines on me during the dark and tough times of my life, I could not have been gotten through if he is not a part of my everyday life, he may never know but he had done so much for me, just being there, like looking on his photos, watching MG cds, watching him on you tube day by day that I have already memorized everything he said, memorized his every actions, every flick of his eyes, his every smile, I will never get used to that, I will forever look forward to see him on whatever medium there is because I love him so much…I will forever love you Jerry Yan..

  4. Aiza mussa Reply

    Pls return back,, meteor garden season 1″””” pls

  5. Rosyl Reply

    jerry yan is my <3 i love jerry!!

  6. Rosyl Reply

    i love jerry yan 🙂 but atleast they became friends in some way

  7. jackielou cabusas Reply

    hi..count me in also addicted to meteor garden was a big hit when it was aired in Philippines as i remember among the f4 my 1st choice was Lei but little did i know as i continue watching it day by day i fall to Si’s..the actors are great ,did very well on each played characters..what a brilliant idea the writer came up with a story like this..a big applause to all.. just wondering why there’s no more project between jerry and barbie after meteor garden ,well in fact they really have a great chemistry..sad to say they’re not ended in real life as sweetheart..although barbie is now happy with her married life but still hoping that one day there will be project of the two..dying to see them together on screen..
    # i’ll be forever fan of f4
    # all the way supporting jerry and barbie’s love team
    # and to the man who captured my heart Jerry Yan no matter what ,i am a solid fan of yours..

    i’ll keep my fingers crossed someday i’ll be flying to Taiwan ,wanna know how does it feels to be at Jerry Yan roots..

  8. Cath Reply

    So gwapo p rin dao ming si.. My jerry yan 4 ever crush 🙂

  9. fafhu Reply

    So really happy to see you guys, I hope you gonna have a longlast friendship with the F4 members. And do you have any plan for making a new movie or drama together?

  10. cliang Reply

    i allways dream again and again that my idol daomingshi and shanchai will have a second drama series or a movie together they are so popular love team for me coz meteor garden drama they make fall inlove intire word..i mis u jerry and barbie.. ken vic and vaness

  11. mabel Reply

    I love you jerry forever..
    Biemae we have the same feelings for jerry.
    S instagram b ang official accnt nya

    1. jbforever Reply

      No sis, Jerry doesn’t have twitter or IG. Those are fake accounts. The only account he has is weibo.

      1. RAECHEL Reply

        Do you have a weibo?

  12. joreylle Reply

    Every now and then I always wish to go to taiwan and see jerry yan 🙂
    Maybe someday…♥

    1. Aiza mussa Reply

      I miss you daming xe

  13. precious26 Reply

    OMG!!!…wow…we’re all sharing the same feelings and experience bout how “crazy ” we are as a fan. @biamae..I ‘ve been through that part of my life as well when I was in my elementary years..doing all the savings,crying if I can’t watch MG and planning to visit Taiwan maybe next year. So happy to read this kind of confessions…true confessions..I can relate so much!♥♡♥

    1. jbforever Reply

      @precious, i am not sure, but I have read somewhere that MG3 is currently on negotiations. And they are looking for a good story plot. I know I have read this somewhere, I think last month. I am just not so sure. Anyways, I read some JnB fanfics and there are a lot of stories there, and I think I have found the perfect story plot for MG3, actually there is a sudden twist of events. Anyways, I tried to contact the writer but the website is expired. I wanna contact this writer because I want to tell her to submit her story plot. Anyways, more power to Jerry yan fans and Barbie Xu fans.

    2. jbforever Reply

      @precious, you’re on asian fanatics forum? I can’t sign up, don’t know why, I really enjoy the thread jerry yan Cheng Xu. I want to sign up but I guess it says there that AF needs funding or the site is down(?).. Can I have your email add? Thanks!!!!

    3. jbforever Reply

      Hi precious, you a member of Asian fanatics? I have been registering and creating account since last month, but after I completed my registration, there is no email link or something provided. There is no confirmation sent. After I completed the registration, it just doesn’t work. Do you have any idea why this is happening? It says pala at the banner heading AF needs funding, is that the reason why they stopped accepting registration? Thanks! Appreciate your reply…

  14. RAECHEL Reply

    Hi guys. Can I add you on facebook or follow you on twitter? Are you all Filipinos? 🙂

    1. jbforever Reply

      Yes sis. I’m on fb,

      1. RAECHEL Reply

        What’s your accnt then? Lets be friends guyssss. Jerry and Barbie fanatics. <3

        1. jbforever Reply

 Guys, let’s create a page for Jerry and Barbie on fb!!!! Who’s game??? :))))

          1. RAECHEL

            Count me in! 🙂

    2. RAECHEL Reply

      Nung nakaraan lang tatlo pa lang tayo dito. Hahaha. <3

      1. Aiza mussa Reply

        Yaps,, Kailan ko kaya makikita ang mga f4?

  15. Jloh Reply

    I am hoping that Jerry Yan will have another concert in the phils. And i wish someone can tell me.. When and where is his concert this 2014? Thanks! My only wish is to see him in Person. I Love you Dao ming si

  16. jbforever Reply

    @raechel, i wanna go to taiwan, too! 🙂

    1. RAECHEL Reply

      @jbforever. Lets go. When? :))

    2. Aiza mussa Reply

      Ako rin,, hohoho

  17. biemae Reply

    Hi! I really don’t know why I am typing a comment on this page. But yeah. I feel the need. I have something to share about a decade of support story for Jerry Yan.

    2003 was the year when Meteor Garden was aired here in the Philippines, that’s when Jerry Yan captured my heart. I was amazed with the Sincerity on his eyes. The smile that could really melt a heart.

    During that time, I was 18, as a college student I have less money to spend renting a computer to browse the web and internet isn’t that accessible yet. I would usually save my allowance so I can buy a magazine that features Jerry. Or rent a computer in a coffee shop to search the web and post a lot of his picts on my (then popular) Friendster account.

    My Friends would usually call me Mrs. Yan as if Jerry has been married to me (without him knowing, hehehe)

    Almost a year (or rather few months right after Meteor Garden was aired in ABS-CBM afternoon slot) the F4 was invited and set to visit Philippines. And I am so EXITED as ever. (Imagine the feeling that your heart is trying to jump out of your chest)

    That’s when I decided to start saving my allowance and walk from my house to school everyday (I regularlly ride a public bus from the apartment I am staying going to school, about 1 and a half km away) just to save enough so I can buy tickets to watch their concert.

    A week before they arrived, the money I was able to save is only good for General admition ticket. Which is really not good at all. (you would need binoculars to see them).

    I still purchased the tix even its too far from the stage. So to have a closer look at Jerry I camp at the airport on the day of their arrival. And sad to say I wasn’t even had a glimpse of him (I cried more than a month). Then concert came. Its very heart breaking that I was just able to see Jerry afar. After all the sacrifices I did. But its fine. I am very much contented and happy just knowing the fact that he’s just few meters away from me.

    Then he came back for his BENCH endorsment. During that time, I was admitted to the hospital for an operation I need to undergo. I beg the doctors so I can see him even outside the bldg of the network he’ll be interviewed.

    I was overwhelmed the doctor gave me a pass to go there. I was riding an ambulance and we are parked outside, but unfortunately its too crowded and I have dexterous in my arms and I can’t be on the crowd to have my way in and have a glimpse of Jerry.

    That same night after that I went through the operation and I can clearly recall I requested the nurse on duty to play F4 songs. (Funny but that’s how much I am head over heels for Jerry)

    The comfort I have during my recovery is F4’s music.

    Few years pass… I graduated from college. Its been a decade of saving. From my 1st salary until today, I am making sure I am keeping something so I can have a grand vacation to Taiwan. Visit the place where Jerry Yan’s from.

    About 2 months ago, I decided to have my long overdue Taiwan trip this year. And I am very much excited.

    I have loved him through his ups and down. No matter how far the distance. I will continue loving him (not really to be his wife or lover, well that’s something hahaha. Loving as one of his biggest fan).

    Like his line to San Chai when they went to Barcelona Spain for the sequel of Meteor Garden. On the scene that he lost San Chai after he we left her to buy another balloon when San Chai accidentally let the red balloon flew up in the sky. He hugged San Chai and uttered, “If it will ever happen again, if we will be apart to whatever reason it is, never give up on your love for me”. And yes! I will forever live with that.

    No matter how far or impossible it may seem, I will never ever stop loving and supporting Jerry. Right at this moment as I type every words, I have one more cutoff to wait for my salary to book a ticket and hotel for my Taiwan trip. And I don’t know if its just by chance or its meant to be. But for a week now after a decade… Meteor Garden is being aired again here in the Philippines. Same network, same timeslot.

    Now internet is way accessible, and money wise is really not an issue for me anymore. I know I can easily afford buying front seat ticket (just if in case he or the entire F4 will stage another concert here)

    But for now, I will fulfill my life long dream of visiting Taiwan. Its okay if I will not be able to see Jerry Yan there. But the satisfaction and the feeling that I will soon be walking along the streets that Jerry once walked. Or maybe eat in a restaurant he has been (and might be using the same exact untensils Jerry used), or just simply being where he is from is enough for me.

    I have loved Jerry for more than a decade. And I will forever and always remain faithful for my vow of supporting and loving him. My love for you Jerry will never gonna be a Broken Vow.

    -Loving and Supporting you forever Jerry Yan…..


    1. jbforever Reply

      Same here biemae! i am so inlove with Jerry Yan. I really, really hope that he ends up with Barbie. But things are different now, they live separate lives and Barbie is married and expecting a baby next month. And Jerry also has a rumored girlfriend. But i really do think they are a perfect pair. If i can remember, Barbie’s hubby is younger than her and also Jerry’s rumored gf is also younger. See, the similarities?hahaha. Maybe, just maybe they will one day wake up and realize they are destined to be together. Who knows? J and B forever!

      1. maryjane Reply

        same here, I will support Jerry Yan & Barbie Hsu…it’s enough happiness for me, forever Daoming Si & Shancia…And longing to see them in flesh…

    2. RAECHEL Reply

      YES. Jerry and Barbie forever. Biemae, I was planning to go to Taiwan too just to see Jerry. Is that really possible? I always cry thinking that I cant do anything to see him personally. Wala akong pera. How much is the estimated expenses? 🙁

      1. jbforever Reply

        who’s the gf of Jerry Yan now? is it Zhang Xi En — model actress 🙂

        1. maryjane Reply

          jbforever…according to my research it’s a japanese girl-swiss model…And i think Jerry Yan is inlove with her because he gave her a present of 30,000 NTs worth watch item…see that dude! what love can do friends…!

          1. RAECHEL

            @maryjane. NOOOOO. Huhu I want Jerry Yan for Barbie only. 🙁

          2. RAECHEL

            Who’s that girl? Is she Shoko? 🙁 I watched one of Jerry Yan’s interview. And I felt that Jerry and Barbie there are not comfortable with each other. Idk. How come they’re really close in Meteor Garden and in a snap, in reality, they can’t be comfortable for God’s sake. 🙁

          3. jbforever

            @maryjane, JY and Zhang Xi En was spotted together going to a karaoke bar in Lin Sen bei road on march 15 afterwards they headed to party world in Songjang for karaoke. They left at 3am.

          4. jbforever

            @raechel, everybody knows they were not in good terms after MG2. However, after 2 years they settled their differences. 🙂

        2. jbforever Reply

          Zhang Xi En and Jerry Yan are not a couple. They are good buddies. ZXE has a boyfriend, a professor in a certain university. 🙂

          1. RAECHEL

            Why Jerry Yan and Barbie were not in good terms after MG2? 🙁 what’s the issue?

          2. jbforever

            @raechel, things got really messed up. Pressure was too much to handle for them. JY got hospitalized because of his working schedule. BX has personal issues. But they reconciled 2 years(?) after.

          3. Aiza mussa

            Hindi ko matanggap,, kong Hindi c daomingxe at sancai ang magkatuluyan

      2. Biemae Reply

        I will probly go to Taiwan mid of this year havent booked anything yet

        1. RAECHEL Reply

          Update us how much will be your total expenses please?? 🙁 @biemae

        2. jbforever Reply

          Yes biemae, can you please update us how much will be the expenses? Thanks! Good luck.

          1. Sarah

            hi biemae,,,im also addicted to jerry..i just hope when your there already dont waste time and effort find ways to him in person there in taiwan..u know thats my ultimate wish planning to go there and see him upclose..and can hug him…….i just love him so much..plz..tell as how much ur over all expenses pllz….tnx goodluck

          2. Sarah

            hi there,,,im also addicted to jerry..i just hope when your there already dont waste time and effort find ways to him in person there in taiwan..u know thats my ultimate wish planning to go there and see him upclose..and can hug him…….i just love him so much..plz..tell as how much ur over all expenses pllz….tnx goodluck

          3. RAECHEL

            2 years? Omg. True ba na may feelings daw noon si Jerry for Barbie? 🙂

          4. jbforever

            I think so, he has feelings for BX. But then, due to complicated matters, he has to feed his family first, and he has a relationship with LZL at that time. BX also has Blue that time and then there’s Vic Zhou. Things got pretty caught up between them. Barbie got married and is about to give birth next month, and JY has a life of his own. In short, fate is not on them. But who knows, they have the chemistry onscreen, just hope they can realize that.:)

          5. RAECHEL

            Di kita masearch sa fb 🙁 @Jbforever

    3. angel Reply

      hi biemae. Were the same I’m also addicted to jerry yan, Way back then during my elementary days, I remember crying when I wasn’t able to watch an episode of Meteor Garden and now It’s aired again in TV . I watched it over and over again even though I finished watching it in the internet . I was also dreaming in going to Taiwan just like you do eventhough I know I wont see him there I just wanna experience everything and also Barcelona Spain specially to the church where Ah si will propose to San Chai . I also want to experience drinking in the fountain where Ah Si drinks in the Meteor Garden2 which is Font De Canales.