Vic Chou spotted with 6-month pregnant Reen Yu

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Vic Chou and Reen Yu tied the knot in November last year.

Reen’s pregnancy came to light after the couple was spotted visiting a confinement centre. In April, Vic and Reen also admitted to the pregnancy.

A few days ago, the couple was spotted in a cafe, and Reen’s baby bump was visibly noticeable. At the cafe, Vic was very attentive towards Reen, and placing his attention on his pregnant wife all the time. He was seen placing his hand on her thigh, while Reen leaned over him to hold his hand.

After they left the cafe, Vic also lovingly held Reen’s hand and walked slowly with her. The couple then flagged a cab. Before getting up the cab, Vic gently held onto Reen’s waist and let Reen got into the cab first.

The couple remained tight-lipped about the gender of the baby, and the expected due of delivery. However, it was speculated that Reen is currently 6 months pregnant.

Vic’s manager revealed that Vic had just finished filming a Chinese drama, and will be leaving Taiwan to film a movie soon.

When asked to describe his current life, he replied, “Happy, satisfied, grateful and thankful.”



Source: Apple Daily

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