Vivian Hsu admits into hospital

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Vivian Hsu who is currently 3 months pregnant is being admitted into hospital.

Since last month, the 40-year-old Taiwanese actress was bed-ridden after suffering from stomach flu with severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Her diarrhoea returned a few days ago and the doctor advised her to be hospitalised for fear that she might be dehydrated.

Vivian’s manager revealed that Vivian had drunk more fruit juice for the past few days. As Vivian has a sensitive stomach, the cold drinks triggered the diarrhoea to return.

Yesterday, Vivian through her manager said that she is safe now. “I’m alright. Sorry to let everyone worry.”

Vivian’s sister has flown in to Singapore to look after her. Vivian said, “I know I have to brave. Thank you sister for flying here to accompany me for 24 hours.”

Vivian’s mother and sister will also take turns to fly here to Singapore to take care of her.

Vivian’s expected due date is in October.

Source: Apple Daily

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