Vivian Hsu is still so busy even being bedridden during pregnancy

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Last month, Vivian Hsu was hospitalised after suffering from stomach flu which resulted in severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Finally to Vivian’s relief, she was discharged a few days ago, but doctor still instructed her to be confined to bed when she is at home.

Vivian has posted a photo of her resting on bed on her Facebook. In the photo, Vivian who is without any makeup is drinking a glass of fruit juice. However, what has caught our attention is that there are so many remote controls, her notebook and her stationery on a mini table attached to her bed. It looks like she is going to start work anytime.

Vivian said in her Facebook, “It’s so nice to be back at home! Bed rest is the best time for me to learn and enrich myself. I will plan to read the movie scripts that have been piling like mountain, and will start writing songs and book too!”

“It’s not easy for a woman to cope her pregnancy, especially so for older mothers who will face many problems. I will write a book to share many women’s precious experience on this area. Bed rest can also work! And I am so busy!”

Source: Sina

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