Vivian Hsu needs help to pour away her urine and clean herself during pregnancy; “I hate myself now”

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40-year-old Taiwanese artiste, Vivian Hsu is currently 27 weeks’ pregnant.

Vivian has been struggling with her pregnancy all these while, and she is instructed to confine on bed too. Vivian has to pop 13 pills everyday and has taken 200 injections to date.

Vivian shared on her Facebook that since she was bedridden, she has been feeling unsettled and does not have any sense of security. She is struggling to pass each day, and prays that the next day will also pass smoothly.

She said, “There isn’t a single day when I dare to forget eating pills, taking jab, practising my breathing, controlling my diet, staying happy and facing people with a smile.”

Vivian also disclosed that in the past, she used to take care of others, but now she has to rely on others to take care of her, and even pouring away her urine and clean herself.

“Sometimes, it makes me lost my confidence,” said Vivian.

“Sometimes, weakness and unsettling feeling will appear… I hate myself now.”

The brave mother-to-be is also trying her best to cope with her pregnancy journey and said, “I believe all the physical and mental emotions will disappear one day like my injection bruises.”

Many fans have also encouraged and showed their support to Vivian. A fan said, “Don’t worry. Your effort will pay off.”


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Source: Apple Daily

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