Vivian Hsu reveals gender of her baby

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On Mother’s Day, Vivian Hsu dropped hints on her baby gender on Facebook.

The Taiwanese actress-singer who has resided to Singapore after her marriage was admitted into hospital almost a month, after coming down with severe diarrhoea and vomitting. Although she has returned home, Vivian still has to confine to bed until she gives birth.

Yesterday, Vivian wrote on her Facebook, “To all uncles, aunties, big brother and big sister, I am V baby. This was when I was just 16 weeks. Look at my strong thighs and legs. Thank you for your concern. My mummy works very hard, so I am very healthy! I know the number of injections she had for these few months has exceeded the number of injections she has in her life. She still has 300 more injections to go.”

“I will definitely be a real man like my daddy when I grow up! Protect my mummy!”

Vivian also shared that her mother and her mother-in-law were all very happy after learning that she was expecting. She also said that she would listen to the doctor’s instruction to rest on bed.

“I want to make sure both mother and son are healthy so that I can have a smooth delivery. This will be the greatest Mother’s Day gift to both mothers.”

Source: Apple Daily

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