Vivian Hsu shows off ‘railway track’ on tummy

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Since her pregnancy, Vivian Hsu has been updating her fans about her pregnancy on the Facebook.

Currently 5 months’ pregnant, the 40-year-old Vivian has a tough pregnancy. Last month, she was hospitalised for stomach flu. Even after discharge, she was instructed by the doctor to be confined to bed at home.

A few days ago, Vivian posted a photo of her big tummy and shared that her L size pants seemed to be too tight for her. The elastic band on the L size pants had left a “railway track” on her tummy.

She quipped, “It should be XL.”

Some netizens replied to Vivian, “When I was pregnant, XXL was just nice.”

Vivian was getting worried that she might need to stock up larger size pants soon. She replied, “If I am wearing XL now,  it will be XXL later.”

Meanwhile, Vivian also posted a photo of her pregnancy meal together with her mum. Many netizens have praised that her mum has maintained well at her age, and that she bears resemblance to Hong Kong star, Brigitte Lin!



Source: Apple Daily

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