Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin dating for four months

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Wallace Huo dropped the bomb when he announced on May 20 that he was dating Ruby Lin! 

The couple are good friends for 10 years, also know each other’s parents well. However, it was Ruby’s birthday in January this year that changed their friends’ status.

Ruby said, “He celebrated my birthday every year, but there was no feeling at that time.”

Ruby revealed that she flew over to Beijing for filming after her birthday this year, and Wallace happened to be there too. They met up very frequently, and their relationship started to blossom. Wallace also gave her a gold bracelet for her birthday this year, and it seems more like a love token now.

Ruby and Wallace have never admitted any of their relationships before in their many years in this industry. After only dating for four months, it makes one wonder why Wallace is so eager to announce his new relationship.

Ruby said, “He said he didn’t want to hide anymore. It’s very tiring.”

Asked if they would have a flash wedding, Ruby said, “No, I want to date normally, and take it one step at a time.”


From 10 years of friends to becoming an item, Ruby admitted that she had struggled internally for a while. However, she is feeling very blessed and happy at the moment.

She has also kept her relationship from most of her friends and family. Even when her father heard about her relationship from her manager, he was shocked.

“My dad was shocked. He even congratulated my manager!”

Reports also said that Wallace, who had been residing in Beijing for 11 years, will return to Taipei for Ruby, and he is now actively looking for an apartment.

Wallace’s mother disclosed that Wallace had feelings for Ruby 6 months ago, and she also praised Ruby for her beauty.

Source: Apple Daily

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    Hope they get married quickly. I want to see little Wallace and little Ruby