Wayne Lai signs another 2 years contract with TVB

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Two-time TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) never fail to disappoint his fans with his acting. Wayne’s portrayal of the powerful imperial eunuch, Li Lianying in The Confidant has received rave reviews although it just started to broadcast recently.

In recent years, many TVB artists did not renew their contract and left the station to seek better opportunities in China. Pledging his loyalty to TVB, Wayne reportedly signed a 2-year per series contract with the TV station.

An insider revealed that TVB initially offered a management contract to Wayne, but the actor insisted to continue appointing his wife as his manager. As the mainland productions offer higher fees, Wayne reportedly also expressed his intention to film in China.

An insider revealed, “Wayne complained that TVB did not release him to film in China. While discussing for the contract renewal, Wayne made it clear that he would film another two series for TVB, and then he would stay in China for 8-10 months to earn more money.”

Wayne and Raymond: Who will win TV King?

Wayne is a hot favourite at the upcoming TV Anniversary Awards. His drama, The Confidant will air just before the award ceremony, putting him an edge over his contenders.

However, Wayne’s biggest contender will be Raymond Lam (林峯), given that the award will be publicly voted this year.

An insider said, “The voting system seems fair, but it is so obvious that TVB wants to use the voting system to award Raymond”.

Asked how he felt about clinching the award again this year, Wayne replied confidently, “We can’t give away the award to another party. I know that there are many people who are optimistic about me winning but I don’t have any pressure at all. Besides, Raymond acted well too”.

The insider also disclosed that TVB already had planned to award ‘TV King’ and ‘My Favourite Male Character’ to Raymond and Wayne for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards.

Source: Sudden Weekly Vol. 902 via kuangaitvb.com 

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