What causes Leon Lai and Gaile Lok to split?

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Yesterday, Leon Lai (黎明) and Gaile Lok (樂基兒) issued a separation statement to announce the end of their 4-year marriage. In their statement, they cited “serious differences in their life philosophies” as reason of their separation.

Rumours of their shaky marriage had been ongoing for almost a year. However, the couple did not attempt to clarify the rumours. At an earlier interview, Gaile let out that they would talk about their divorce rumours after Christmas.

On 1 October, an alarming photo of Gaile exposing her briefs was published. It was reported that the photo was uploaded online by her new beau, Denimcuz. Subsequently, Gaile dismissed the illicit relationship with Cuz. On 3 October, Leon and she issued a joint statement to announce their separation.

Clash of personalities?

As Gaile was raised in United States, she has a western mindset and is more open-minded. Gaile was photographed kissing and hugging with her male and female friends several times. Her liberal behaviour may be a stark contrast to Leon who embraces a more traditional chinese values.

Gaile has a miscarriage?

In November last year, Gaile accompanied Leon to attend a Chinese film festival in New York. In December, Gaile was rumoured to be pregnant. When media confirmed the pregnancy rumours with Leon, he merely responded “Worried to be petty” and chose not to answer directly. It is a taboo for Chinese to announce the pregnancy in the first three months for fear of a miscarriage.”

During the lunar new year, Leon took a break from work and accompanied Gaile to return to United States. Early this year, Gaile was rumoured to have a miscarriage. In February, Leon officially responded, “Gaile is not pregnant!”

Did Leon neglect Gaile because of work?

According to the couple’s friends, the root of their rocky marriage was Leon unable to balance his time between work and marriage. As Gaile wanted more quality time with Leon, she had requested Leon to spend more time dining at home. Leon had also tried to cut down his business entertainment to dedicate more time to Gaile.

As Leon wished to expand his company, he needed to travel more frequently. Sometimes, he would also invite his friends to his home. Although it disrupted the private time between the couple, Gaile tried to accommodate Leon.

As Leon placed great emphasis on his career, he had many times brought back his work. He could spend the night away alone and reflected on his work. There were also times when he would threw tantrums. Although the couple had solved the arguments, it had already left some cracks in their marriage.

Gaile upset over Leon’s rumours with co-stars?

While filming in China, Leon had been romantically linked to his co-stars, Crystal Liu Yifei (劉亦菲)and Zhang Ziyi (章子怡). Although the rumours eventually faded, Gaile reportedly was upset over it as Leon had prioritised his work over her.

Leon unable to save his marriage

To salvage their dying marriage, Leon tried to support his wife’s ideals. He injected capital into Gaile’s new restaurant and art gallery.

As Gaile had wished for her private yacht, Leon reportedly gifted a yacht on her birthday. However, Gaile eventually chose to spend her birthday with her family in United States, and the couple allegedly had a row over it.

Gaile’s vacation with her rumoured beau reportedly was a catalyst in their separation, even though Gaile shrugged off her relationship with Cuz.

Source: mingpao

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