What is Vivian Hsu doing in the hospital?

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Vivian Hsu was hospitalised recently after suffering from stomach flu, which resulted in severe vomiting and diarrhoea.

Vivian who is currently pregnant has to be bed-ridden and stay in hospital for observation. Having a long hair, Vivian has not washed her hair for 5 days.

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Taiwanese star shared a photo of her washing hair in the hospital.

“I am used to washing hair myself. Oil has accumulated on my hair for 5 days as doctor has not permitted me to get down the bed. Luckily, there is a shampoo service at the hospital, but it’s charged by the length of the hair! You all know that I have a long hair. Now, I really wish my hair is short and the charges will be cheaper. I have decided to cut my hair short next month!”

Vivian also joked that she looked like a snake in the picture.

Many fans have also left messages to wish her speedy recovery and a smooth pregnancy.

Source: Apple Daily

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