What? TVB did not renew contract with Bobby Au-yeung

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Bobby Au-yeung is a familiar face in TVB series. Whenever Bobby’s series was aired, this “lucky star” would draw high TV ratings.

Bobby is most familiar for his role as a lawyer in legal drama File of Justice <壹號皇庭> in which he starred in all five seasons. His popular dramas also include Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐>, Witness to a Prosecution <洗冤录> and Forensic Heroes <法证先锋> in which all spun into successful installments.

Hence, it came as a shock when news surfaced that TVB did not renew the contract with Bobby.

The 54-year-old veteran star has since confirmed the news, and even the man himself was shocked about it.

“Actually, I have been very happy working with TVB on one drama per year. After filming With or Without You <東坡家事>, my manager discussed the contract renewal with TVB. The respond we got was, ‘If there is any suitable job, we will look for you again’. We realise that the contract will not be renewed. I did not specify any special  requirements or ask for any pay increment to renew contract. I only wish to maintain the current relationship. I am shocked too!”

Although Bobby has, in recent years, based his acting career in China, he still wishes to film dramas for the Hong Kong audience. “After working together for a long time, I still hope to keep the good relationship. I didn’t expect to get such a respond, and also hope to get a better picture.”

It is understood that TVB management is also shocked when learnt about the news, and has sent its drama production director, Catherine Tsang to talk to Bobby about renewing his contract. TVB also intends to tailor made a drama specially for Bobby.

When being told that Catherine Tsang would be discussing the contract with him, Bobby said, “I just take it as a chatting session. I will be quite reluctant to leave TVB, but eventually I still have to face it.”

Source: On.cc

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