Why did Sean Lau warn transgender beauty that Nick Cheung has a wife?

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Thai transgender beauty, Poyd has been hitting the headlines with her debut appearance in The White Storm <掃毒>.

Besides romantically rumoured with her co-star, Louis Koo, Poyd and Nick Cheung’s daring photo shoot also created a sensation. In that photo, Nick was posed with a topless Poyd. Nick also admitted that he was taken aback by Poyd’s beauty when he first met her.

Nick and Poyd’s french kissing scene also created a hot topic after The White Storm was released. Earlier, Nick shared that the kissing scene was an unforgettable one and he was left breathless after filming the hot scene.

Even Director Benny Chan also laughed at Nick and told him, “You are so ferocious! I am so worried you will eat up Poyd!”

Playing Nick’s wife in the movie, Poyd tried to develop the chemistry with Nick. Without much acting experiences, Poyd said that she glued herself to Nick at the film set and constantly tried to strike a conversation with him. When they did not have any filming, Poyd would also keep staring at Nick. Poyd’s method of immersing herself in the role was causing some embarrassment to Nick. Even co-star, Sean Lau could not help but asked if she had fallen in love with Nick!


Sharing about the funny moment, Poyd laughed, “My way has indeed caused misunderstandings. Sean Lau asked me once, ‘Have you really fall in love with him? He has a wife and daughter!’ At that time, I thought that I had succeeded. Haha!”

Although there was some awkwardness initially, Nick said that he had gotten used to Poyd’s way of developing chemistry with him. He also praised her professionalism.

Poyd also shared that before filming the kissing scene, Nick told her, “I am going to stick my tongue in later.”

Nick clarified, “I was only scaring her. I was worried that she did not have much acting experience. I am not that proactive!”

Source: Ming Pao 

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