Wife gives final warning to Gary Chaw to quit drinking

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Gary Chaw’s marriage is said to be on the rocks after his recent drunken outburst. Gary’s wife, Wu Sou Ling reportedly can no longer tolerate his repeated drunken fits and had already moved out of their house with their two children.

Recently, a drunk Gary shouted expletives and flashed out his middle finger to the audience. Prior to this, Gary reportedly made a scene at Jimmy Lin’s wedding after having too much to drink. His wife, Sou Ling was so embarrassed that she broke down on the spot.

Yesterday, Sou Ling accepted the press interview and admitted that she had taken their children to a relative’s house for the time being. Gary had apologised to her numerous times before her leaving.

Sou Ling said, “I hope to give each other some time to cool down. We will talk again when he has adjusted his thoughts.”

She said that Gary “is a good man” if he does not touch any alcohol. However, his emotions will be uncontrollable after drinking. Sou Ling said that the couple has not reached the stage of divorce and she is willing to give Gary another chance for the sake of their children.

Asked what would happen again if Gary had another drunken outburst, Sou Ling said, “If it happens again, it [marriage] will be very shaky. It will be hard for us to get along together. After all, we need to spend another 50 years together. A woman needs a sense of security as she grows older.”

Sou Ling also shed some light as to why Gary took to a drinking. She said, “Maybe his parents were divorced when he was young. He was often bullied when he studied overseas. He felt that he needed to retaliate to everything so that others will not look down on him.”

“He often says that alcohol is not the problem. The man himself is the problem. He likes to keep things inside his heart and depends on alcohol to solve it. The alcohol is like his medicine.”

Sou Ling also urged Gary to visit a psychiatrist to unlock the problems in his heart.

Meanwhile, Gary’s drunken outburst has received many criticisms from the public. Yesterday, the Malaysian singer wrote on his Weibo, “You can attack me and use your perspective to lecture me. You can treat me like a joke. I can only say that I will not change myself to please you.”

Many netizens felt that he lacked the sincerity to quit his drinking and blasted him on his microblog. Shorty after, Gary responded to the netizens and wrote, “Please do not misunderstand. I am in the wrong. I want to improve. It’s fine to make mistake as long as one is determined to change.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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