Wilfred Lau admits staying overnight with Joey Yung

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Paparazzi recently photographed Joey Yung spending a night at her boyfriend, Wilfred Lau’s place. Tabloids also claimed that the lovebirds had been sticking together like a superglue and that Wilfred would be accompanying her to the States in May for her study trip.

Responding to reports that Joey had spent a night at his place, Wilfred replied candidly, “We are just like normal couple. All couple behaves this way. Please give us some privacy!”

Wilfred, however, denied that he would be travelling with Joey to the States and mocked the tabloids for the atrocious report.

“Whoever wrote this piece of news must be getting off from the wrong bed and that bed does not belong to me. I am not able to take leave from work and she did not even say that she was going to the States. This is so baffling.”

When asked if Joey had forsaken her thousand square feet mansion to move to his several hundred square feet apartment, Wilfred laughed, “My house is not that small. The person who wrote it must have visited the wrong house and the wrong bed. Please do me a favour and write more favourably of me next time!”

Source: Sina 

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