Yao Yuan Hao is saving for wedding funds

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Since ex-girlfriend Sonia Siu has married and is currently pregnant, Yao Yuan Hao is also probed about his relationship with Cyndi Wang.

Yuan Hao admitted that they had plans for marriage and said, “I am saving for wedding funds now.”

The couple has been very busy with work and does not spend much time together. However, Yuan Hao and Cyndi video chat everyday and even update one another of what they eat.

Cyndi is swarmed by work continuously. When asked if he felt stress about his girlfriend’s work ability, Yuan Hao said, “I find her rather charming when she is very committed in her work.”

Yuan Hao said that marriage and having children did not need much planning, and all these would come naturally when it is time.

“Everyone says having baby needs a lot of money and needs planning. To me, once the baby is born, we have to raise the baby. I will take the baby to surfing, camping and continue with my existing life. How much education he needs, I will support him. We don’t have to plan in advance.”

Source: Sina

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