Yoga Lin hints that G.E.M. Tang is “hypocrite”?

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G.E.M. Tang recently revealed that she had once dreamt of her ex-boyfriend, Yoga Lin and his new girlfriend, Kiki Ting. 

A few days later, Yoga also posted on his Facebook, “I have read too many hypocritical stories and I am immune to it now. Those who are hypocrites are still the same. During days of despair, I thought about it: Whatever vicious treatment I received, I will return it twice. I will also complain when god will punish these people. But we are not these type of people. Eventually, we still choose to return to our lives.”

After reading Yoga’s post, many have suspected if his words were targetted at G.E.M.

Currently having a few days off from his military service, Yoga also took the opportunity to spend some time with his girlfriend. He also posted a blurry photo of a woman, which appears to look like his girlfriend, Kiki.

He remarked, “You are the most qualified to receive simple joy because you have a pure heart. The best smile always come from the heart, and it’s not to flaunt anything.”

“Why are you suffering with me. You deserve the best holiday. During those one to two days’ holiday of your soldier boyfriends, you all deserve the simple happiness.”

Lastly, Yoga also exclaimed, “I am on holiday and I will send red bean soup to you!”


Source: Apple Daily

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