Zhou Xun addresses rumours with Nicholas Tse

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Zhou Xun

38-year-old Zhou Xun and 32-year-old Nicholas Tse are rumoured to be dating for a year and the pair were reported to be staying in the same apartment building as well. Tabloids also reported that the Chinese actress deliberately hooked up with Nicholas in order to spite his two-year secret boyfriend, Tony Leung.

Yesterday, Zhou Xun appeared at a publicity for her upcoming film, Overheard 3 <窃听风云3> and seemed prepared to be hounded by reporters.

Asked about her relationship with Nicholas, Zhou Xun smiled and replied calmly, “I know that all of you will ask, but I arrive Hong Kong today not for Tony, but for the film publicity. I will leave tomorrow and this is not because I want to avoid the rumours with Nicholas. I need to prepare for my new drama.”

Zhou Xun readily admitted that she and Nicholas had stayed in the same apartment building.

“Yes, we have met before. We are not dating. We are just good friends,” said Zhou Xun.

Responding if there was any chance of progressing further, Zhou Xun said, “I said it before. I will collaborate a film with him in the future. I am also aware that he had moved out from that building.”

When grilled further if Nicholas’ ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung had given them any pressure, Zhou Xun was hurriedly pulled away from her assistant.

Before leaving, she politely said to the reporters, “I have spoken already. Thank you.”

Source: Sina 

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