Giddens Ko reconciles with “third party”


Taiwanese renowned writer and director, Giddens Ko (also known as “Jiubadao”) was caught cheating on his girlfriend Xiao Nei, after he was being photographed checking into a motel with news reporter Zhou Tingyu two years ago.

After the scandal surfaced, Giddens held a press conference and come clean on his affair. At that time, Giddens said that although he liked Tingyu a lot, his choice would still be his existing girlfriend.

However, two nights ago, The You Are the Apple of My Eye <那些年,我們一起追的女孩> director was seen playing the table hockey with the “third party”. Oblivious to the stares, Giddens and Tingyu were playing happily and enjoying the game.

Giddens has since admitted his relationship through his manager. He said, “We are dating. Thank you for your concern.”

After 6 months from the scandal, Giddens and his then girlfriend Xiao Nei broke up. Tingyu also lost her job as the news reporter, and was ditched by her boyfriend. It comes as a shock when Giddens and Tingyu have got back together.

They were said to have reconciled for 3 months.

Source: Apple Daily

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