Hiromi Wada seen drying her bra at Hugo Wong’s house


Recently, Hugo Wong and Hiromi Wada were rumoured to be having an affair.

After the rumours circulated, Hiromi was said to be abused by her husband, Jason. Shortly after, suspected explicit messages of Hugo and Hiromi also surfaced.

Hiromi has since revealed that she is in the midst of filing divorce papers from her husband. However, her husband, Jason denied that they were divorcing, and even slammed Hugo for not admitting the affair.

Hugo has then released an apologetic video to the public. Although he did not clarify his relationship with Hiromi, he did admit the mistake of not fully understanding her relationship with her husband.

Earlier, Hiromi said that she had only been to Hugo’s place three times, and denied spending the night at his place.

However, according to Hong Kong tabloids, a bare-faced Hiromi was spotted wearing a baggy man’s shirt and a mini shorts at Hugo’s house. She was also seen drying her bra at his balcony. A topless Hugo was also seen walking comfortably at his house in the presence of Hugo.

The duo was said to have met at the make-up studio of TVB.

A few days ago, Hiromi also revealed that she had filed for an unilateral divorce. Although she did not clarify her relationship with Hugo, she admitted that she did not handle the issue properly, as she only made known to Hugo that she had separated from her husband.

She also admitted that she was still keeping in touch with Hugo for the past few days. She declined to respond if they would still develop their relationship.

Source: Apple Daily HK, On.cc

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