Soler’s Julio marries Taichung mayor’s daughter


Julio Acconci of Soler had a “flash wedding” with Taichung mayor Jason Hu’s daughter, Hu Ting-ting two nights ago in Taiwan.

The once divorced groom, Julio and his brother Dino Acconci lost the contract dispute with former recording company Hummingbird Music. The court ruled in favour of the recording company and ordered that the Macau’s rock duo must pay HK$6 million to Hummingbird Music. According to Hummingbird Music, Soler had not paid in full the compensation. Last year, the court ordered Soler to declare bankruptcy.

Despite in a debt of HK$6 million, the wedding costs million in dollars and held at a grand mansion. Although Ting-ting comes from a prominent family, the wedding was a low-key affair. There were only about 40 guests comprising of relatives and friends from both families.

The loving couple walked hand in hand at the red carpet. Julio put on a Cartier wedding ring, which costs NT 185,000, on Ting-ting’s finger and kissed the bride. Ting-ting said, “I have the best parents and friends in the world. Now, I have my loving husband and his family!” The couple was so moved and broke down in tears.

Jason Hu candidly shared that he had only met his son-in-law not long ago. “I only met my son-in-law ten days ago. My daughter is reluctant to get married, but it was the first time she said that she wanted to get married. I respect her. The low-key wedding was arranged by the young couple”. The mayor added that he had met Julio three times already and found him to be reliable and trustworthy person. He also gave the couple a pair of dragon-phoenix watches as wedding gifts.



The wedding came as a surprise to many as the couple merely dated for six months. Asked if it was a shotgun wedding, Julio’s manager Eva replied, “He is a very traditional man. They will actively plan for baby after they get married”.

When asked if the wedding costs were bear by Julio, Eva said, “We will not comment. He did forked out on the bride token, but it is not appropriate to release the figure. A token of appreciation is more important than money”.

The couple met while working together on a movie, Young Dudes <騷人>. Ting-ting was starring in the movie and Soler was helping in the movie’s soundtrack. At the new year’s eve show, Julio professed his love to her on stage and proposed to her after the show. However, Ting-ting rejected twice and Julio plucked up his courage and called her father for approval.

The couple will go for their honeymoon in United States next month. In March, they will hold another wedding banquet in Hong Kong for Julio’s friends and relatives.

Source:, orientaldaily 

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