38 Taiwanese female celebrities reportedly involved in international prostitution ring

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Taiwan police are currently investigating an international prostitution ring that allegedly involves 38 female celebrities.

According to Taiwanese report, the police have investigated the international ring, headed by Tai Chun-yi, with her members, Chung Yi-tzu and Johanne Liou. A notebook was seized, which was said to contain the names of the Taiwanese celebrities and models. The list was also said to contain the names of the clients which include wealthy businessmen and Hong Kong celebrities.

Next Magazine has published the initials of the celebrities which was said to be involved in the prostitution ring.

The top four of the list are famous celebrities who charge NT$2 million or more for sexual services. They are:

“Ms L”, a very famous model who has filmed movies and commercials;

“Ms S”, a model whose popularity skyrocketed because of idol dramas;

“Ms C”, an actress who becomes popular overnight with a movie, and is focusing her career in China dramas;

“Ms Y”, a model who has acted in many idol dramas.

The magazine also released the initials of the clients which include:

Hong Kong actor who has become movie magnate;

Hong Kong superstar who acts and sings;

Hong Kong filmmaker;

Hong Kong tycoon who often is rumoured to Taiwanese artistes.

Source: HK Channel / Photo source: Setn.com

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