Angel Chiang and Brian Chu in “car-shaking” scandal

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TVB rising stars, Angel Chiang and Brian Chu were recently photographed behaving intimately in a car!

The young stars were featured in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir! <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> as the high school students. There were rumours that Brian Chu started a relationship with Angel after he was rejected by Cilla Kung, who was also a co-star in the drama. Cilla was recently rumoured to be secretly dating Eric Li and intervened in his relationship with his fiancée. Cilla had since clarified that she was not in a relationship with Eric.

On the new year’s eve, Angel reportedly rushed to meet Brian after her countdown event in a shopping mall. She hopped onto Brian’s car and the couple drove off to a dark alley. Brian reportedly pleased his girlfriend by bringing out a pot of soup. After sipping the ”love soup”, Angel allegedly started kissing Brian and the couple reportedly locked lips. Brian then switched off the lights in the car and the couple reportedly behaved intimately for more than an hour.

The next day, Angel and Brian continued to meet up. After wrapping up her filming, Angel hitched a ride from her colleague, Tsui Wing. After getting down at a subway station, Angel waited for Tsui Wing’ car to drive off before walking towards Brian’s car.

Asked about her “car-shaking” scandal with Brian, Angel was completely shocked. Angel dismissed the scandalous report and said that she and Brian were not dating.


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