Angelababy rumoured to be pregnant for 3 months

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Recently, rumours are circling that Angelababy is pregnant!

A netizen revealed that she bumped into Angelababy in a hospital when she visited her obstetrician. The netizen said, “She looked like she was 15 weeks or 3 months pregnant.”

According to Hong Kong media, Huang Xiaoming was ecstatically happy after knowing that his wife was pregnant. Both parents were said to have known about Angelababy’s pregnancy. Although Angelababy has passed her first trimester, the couple wished to keep it low-key, so they do not have plans to announce the pregnancy yet.

At a recent event, Angelababy was dressed in loose-fitting clothing, and was suspected to be hiding her baby bump.

A source said that the couple had always wished to have baby, and Xiaoming was exceptionally anxious when hearing about his wife’s pregnancy. He has instructed Angelababy to finish her work quickly, so that she can stay at home till she delivers.

When asked about Angelababy’s pregnancy, the couple’s manager said, “Not too sure. Nobody informs me. We will announce if there is any good news.”


Source: Ettoday

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