Featured new artiste: Ng Yang Ce’s first digital single receives positive reviews

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Yang Ce - The Sea

Singapore’s talented emerging artiste, Ng Yang Ce has received positive reviews for her first digital single, The Sea <海响>.

Within days, Yang Ce’s new single has more than a thousand downloads from iTunes. Musicians from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan such as Allen Moo and Hayden Chen have also expressed their support to this talented newcomer.

Yang Ce’s unique and soulful voice conveys the powerful emotion of the danger and risk of falling in love. Yang Ce is also the lyricist for this debut song.

Yang Ce is scouted by Flipside Productions & Marketing and she is grateful for the opportunity given. She also said that she is looking forward to at least a thousand downloads for her digital song, and urges everyone to support original music.

Hangi Tavakoli, the composer and producer of the song said, “It is an enjoyable experience working with Yang Ce as both of us shared similar direction when creating this piece.”


Listen to Ng Yang Ce’s  The Sea <海响>

Source: Flipside Productions & Marketing, cdnews.com.tw, rec.org.tw

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