Hebe Tien laughs at romantic rumours with former female assistant

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After S.H.E members, Selina Jen and Ella Chen have gotten married, Hebe Tien is the only member who is still single. Although romantically rumoured with Jay Chou (周杰倫) before, Hebe has been speculated to have a love interest on women.

Tabloids claimed that after breaking up with A-mei’s (张惠妹) female executive producer, Hebe’s latest love interest is her former female assistant.

 Last month, the pair was spotted strolling at a park, with Hebe holding the arms of her former assistant, who is nicknamed Xiao-liao (小廖). Hebe and Xiao-liao reportedly whispered through each other ears and allegedly behaved intimately. Xiao-liao was also spotted giving a massage on the back of Hebe’s neck.
The pair reportedly returned to Hebe’s place around midnight and spent the next 13 hours together. To avoid any suspicions, Hebe and Xiao-liao allegedly headed to office separately the next day. Neighbours and security officer expressed that Xiao-liao had entered into Hebe’s place many times.

Hebe’s recording company, HIM International Music dismisses the romantic rumours and expressed that it was common for artist and the staff to interact. It is also common for their staff to visit the artists’ places.

Finding it amusing, Hebe reportedly laughed loudly upon seeing the news.

Source: et.21cn.com

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