How romantic! Jay Chou becomes ‘knight rider’ for pregnant wife

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Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan were spotted on a sweet date yesterday.

Jay was spotted driving his Range Rover SUV on the road at a very slow speed, which is so unlike of him as he is known to be fond of driving fast. Paparazzi then spotted Hannah in the vehicle as well, and realised that Jay drove safely for his pregnant wife.

After reaching a motorcycle shop, Jay got off the car with a helmet on his hand. Hannah then took the wheel and shortly after, Jay rode on a Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle.

Jay transformed into a ‘knight rider’ and rode in front of Hannah like her bodyguard. From time to time, Jay would turn his head to make sure Hannah was driving behind him. When the traffic light turned red, Jay even rested his hand on Hannah’s car and chatted with her lovingly.

Hannah was also suspected to be 5 months pregnant as she had an obvious baby bump. The couple refused to reveal the expected date of delivery.

Hannah said, “We don’t want people to calculate our baby’s birth date. Jay also wants to give himself a surprise.”



Source: Apple Daily

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