Kuo Shu-yao spotted a late night date

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Photo Source: Internet / Ettoday

Taiwanese actress Kuo Shu-yao broke up with SpeXial member Riley Wang, and looks like she has a beau.

Paparazzi recently photographed her on a late night date with a spectacled man eating hotpot together. Shu-yao was sexily dressed in sports attire that showed her midriff.

Although Shu-yao and her date were seated in a table for 4, they would rather sit next to each other. Throughout the meal, they also leaned very closely.

At one point, her date even took her mobile phone and surfed. It goes to show that their relationship has progressed. Shu-yao was also very comfortable with him, totally disregard her goddess image, and eating her meal heartily.

The couple only finished their supper at around 2 am, and the bill was paid by Shu-yao. They were spotted walking hand-in-hand, to retrieve the car. Her date sent Shu-yao’s home before returning to his home at Banqiao District, which is a distance from her place.

Shu-yao’s agency has responded that the man was her high school classmate, who often arranged to meet up with Shu-yao for a night run. The agency emphasised that they are not dating.

Photo Source: Ettoday
Photo Source: Ettoday

Source: Ettoday

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