Li Jinliang reportedly has a new love again; Xiao Zhen fights for custody and property

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Last year, Xiao Zhen filed for a separation from her plastic surgeon husband, Li Jinliang after the latter was caught cheating umpteen times.

Three years ago, Jinliang was caught dating model, Tian Xin which prompted Xiao Zhen for the divorce. Recently, he was once again rumoured to be cheating again behind his model girlfriend with a Taiwanese actress, Yin Xin.

On 8 June 2013 at 5 pm, paparazzi spotted a sexily dressed Yin Xin driving her BMW towards Jinliang’s clinic and only drove out from the clinic at 9 pm. Reports stated that Yin Xin was often frequenting his clinic and the pair would often meet up for singing sessions in the wee hours. As a Christian, Yin Xin reportedly will drag Jinling to a church every week.

Responding to the rumours, Jinliang retorted the reports and said, “I have the right to make friends, but I do not know her. That building doesn’t only have my clinic. Not every female artiste who walks in is related to me!”

Yin Xin also dismissed the reports, “Are you crazy? I am only looking for their clinic’s manager, Mandy to discuss about a lingerie brand.”


Meanwhile, Xiao Zhen declined to comment on the rumours of Jinliang, but reports stated that she had officially filed for a divorce agreement paper. Besides asking for a NT$120 million property, she is also seeking custody of their five-year-old daughter, Emma.

Her requests were reportedly declined by Jinliang who commented, “We are still discussing with our lawyers and hope to work out what is best for our daughter.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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