S.H.E celebrates 11th year anniversary

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Yesterday, Taiwanese pop group S.H.E celebrated their 11th year anniversary and interacted with their fans online.

At the celebration, Selina Jen, Ella Chen and Hebe Tien even imitated one another. Selina wore a military jacket from Ella’s “Bad Girl” music video. Ella also wore a purple cloak from Hebe’s “The Angel within the Devil”  music video. Hebe then wore a pink jacket which Selina wore in a health supplement commercial.

When recalling about how friends and colleagues comforted her during the horrific fire injury two years ago, Selina shedded her tears and said, “At least I improve a lot. When I think about (the incident)……. I improved a lot last year.”

Ella then teased Selina, “Somebody is crying soon.”

S.H.E’s new album in November

To prepare for their album in November, the S.H.E members will live together for a month. The married Selina and Ella jokingly said, “Our husbands can stay together with us!”

Selina, Ella and Hebe will also fly over to Milan to shoot their cover album design.

Source: appledaily

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