Selina Jen tears up about her divorce: “I blame myself more than I blame him”

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S.H.E singer Selina Jen announced her divorce with lawyer Richard Chang on March 4, which left the public in shock.

On March 10, Selina held a brief press conference to respond on her divorce.

She said, “I am meeting everyone at my first job after my status change. I want to let you know that I have not slimmed down like a paper and I did not cry the entire time. We thought about it very thoroughly before we made this decision. Although I was psychologically prepared, I still felt a little pressurized and emotional. For the past few days, I was at home most of the time and could not help thinking, why did our marriage come to this? If I did something better at some aspect, would it have a different ending?”

Selina also said, “I blame myself more than I blame him.”


There were many speculations and rumours about their marriage failure. Selina dismissed the rumours and said that their marriage broke down because they had problems getting along.

“As a public figure, my wedding had received blessings from everyone. Hence, I felt that I have let myself down as well as everybody as we did not manage our marriage well. However, I have received many encouragement and support, and our parents have given us a lot of blessings.”

Selina thanked her bandmates, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, who have been asking about her frequently, and lending her a listening ear.

She also urged the media to give some space to her ex-husband. “I have my recording label to protect me and my friends to accompany me, but Ah Tiong [Richard Chang] is facing it alone. I hope that you will give him space. Both Ah Tiong and I hope to continue our relationship in another way. I know this is difficult, but we will try.”


Source: Ettoday

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