Chen Xiao visits Michelle Chen’s family during lunar new year

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Michelle Chen accepted Chen Xiao’s wedding proposal last October, and will be tying the knot soon.

In December, Michelle visited Chen Xiao’s parents in Hefei. During the lunar new year, Chen Xiao accompanied Michelle back to Taiwan and visited her family. Michelle also introduced Chen Xiao to her good friends, Rainie Yang and Chin King.

Two days ago, Michelle posted a group photo of her family with Chen Xiao, and shared that her parents had good impression of him, praising that he was very polite.

Chen Xiao also bought some gifts for Michelle’s niece and nephew, but the kids did not seem to appreciate his kind gesture.

Michelle said, “I used to ask my nephew and niece if they liked ‘Yang Guo’, and both of them would raise their hands. When they saw him, they could not recognise him as he was wearing modern clothing. They received the gifts with black face. They were really hard to pleased.”

Chen Xiao has returned to China to work, and Michelle will be filming a new drama next month. The couple has yet to confirm on their wedding date.



Source: Apple Daily

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