Coco Lee’s post sparks divorce rumours

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Coco Lee’s recent post on her Weibo has sparked divorce rumours with her businessman husband, Bruce Rockowitz.

On Jul 13, the 45-year-old Hong Kong-born American singer wrote, “To heal a broken heart, you need an abundance of courage and time. Courage isn’t inborn. It has to be continuously practicing, improving and striving. I am still learning and striving. I hope… I hope..”

Many netizens have speculated if her marriage is on the rocks. This is not the first time that she has written such emotional post.

On May 20, she also wrote, “I finally did it bravely. This is a form of relief. Today is not just the day that you tell your loved ones that you love them, you should love yourself more too. That’s because you are the only one accompanying yourself throughout this life. If you do not love yourself, who do you love then?”

Coco’s twin sister, Nancy has declined to comment on the rumours. However, she said, “I am not convenient to respond for them. She needs to clarify herself. However, do not be over-sensitive to what she said. Maybe is due to the pandemic that she has nothing to do, and so, she posted some encouraging remarks. Do not be too sensitive about it.”

When asked about Coco’s marriage, Nancy said, “Even if they meet everyday, it doesn’t mean they are doing fine. It’s better for her to respond herself. Honestly, I am not sure too. Coco is very positive and she is always so happy. She needs more time and space. I feel it’s better that she doesn’t respond. If not, it will really turn into a divorce.”

Coco has since deleted her post.


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