Inside source on Coco Lee’s marriage: “The couple has differing opinions”

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Coco Lee’s Weibo post on July 13 has sparked divorce rumours. In her post, the 45-year-old Hong Kong-born American singer wrote, “To heal a broken heart, you need an abundance of courage and time.”

She also left an ambiguous statement on her Instagram,”Be Strong enough to heal yourself. Because you can.” Below her post, there was a link to a website that provides emotional support to divorcees or people who have undergone breakups.

As the divorce rumours escalate, Coco clarified on her post that she was merely sharing her thoughts after reading books and movies. She wrote, “Like before, I am still being loved and in love.”

According to a source close to Coco, the couple used to separate a lot due to their work. But due to the pandemic this year, Coco’s husband Bruce Rockowitz has been staying in Hong Kong. Coco also has been staying at home more due to decrease in her work. As they have been seeing each other a lot recently, they start to have conflicts due to differing opinions.

Coco married her businessman husband, Bruce in 2011. Two years ago, she reportedly flew to New York for a IVF treatment, but unfortunately, it was not successful.

Source: Ettoday

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