Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung reignite love sparks?

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After separating from Gaile Lok, Heavenly King Leon Lai is rumoured to be dating Maggie Cheung!

Leon and Maggie were rumoured to be in a relationship when the duo collaborated in Comrades: Almost a Love Story <甜蜜蜜> in 1996. Last month, the duo reportedly hooked up quickly at a public event and hugged upon seeing each other. Leon and Maggie were said to be chatting endlessly at the public event and even arranged to meet up for meals.

After breaking up with German architect boyfriend Ole Scheeren, Maggie has developed an interest for band music and is even keen to cut a music album. There is earlier rumour that Daniel Wu has intended to sign Maggie on his company, but Leon reportedly is also keen to help Maggie to pursue her music career.

An insider disclosed that Maggie was thrilled when Leon wanted to fulfil her dream to cut an album. Leon reportedly intended to help Maggie record a new song and stored the song in his company A-Music’s App for the fans to download.

Leon reportedly arranged for Maggie to enter into a recording studio and even personally taught her the singing techniques. Leon allegedly also accompanied Maggie on her working trip to Shanghai and his relentless courtship was said to have moved Maggie.

The pair was spotted to be together many times in China and Hong Kong, leading to speculations if they are in a relationship currently.

Source: ent.sina.com.cn

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