Li Yundi also flaunts his girlfriend

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After Leehom Wang’s announcement on his girlfriend Li Jinglei two days ago, pianist Li Yundi also flaunted a photo of his girlfriend on his Weibo. What’s even more coincident is Yundi’s girlfriend is also a graduate from Columbia University.

As Yundi’s contents on his Weibo resembles Leehom’s earlier introductory post on his girlfriend, and both girls are graduates from the same university, netizens are speculating if Yundi’s words were an deliberate attack on Leehom.

Leehom and Yundi were rumoured to be in a gay relationship after their collaboration at the CCTV New Year’s gala last year. The rumours escalated to an extent that Leehom had to defuse the scandal by proclaiming that he only liked woman.

On 27 November 2013, the very same day which Leehom revealed a photo of his girlfriend, Yundi also posted on his Weibo, “I am very happy today. Everyone should love and be loved! My other half is called Tian Fei, 25 years old. She is a Mathematics graduate from Columbia University. We met last year and she is a very kind girl!”

Yundi also posted a photo of his girlfriend.

However, the announcement only sparked speculations that Yundi was trying to get back at Leehom.

Source: Apple Daily 

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