Leehom Wang is in love!

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Yes, you have not heard it wrong. Leehom Wang is in love and looks like wedding bells could be ringing anytime for him.

For the first time, Leehom Wang announces that he is in a relationship and shares a photo of his other half to fans.

Last year, Leehom was rumoured with Taiwanese model, Evelyn Lin after being photographed driving her home. Subsequently, there was a lot of media attention on his relationship with pianist Li Yundi. With too much hype on his rumoured homosexual relationship with Yundi, Leehom later clarified that they are just friends and that he only likes women. 

This morning, Leehom suddenly posted a loving photo of himself with his girlfriend. He wrote, “You guys have been asking me on Weibo to find my Forever Love. I am lucky to meet a girl who we can hold hands and spend our future together.”

Leehom also shared his girlfriend’s identity. “As she is not from the entertainment industry, you guys do not know her, but I also hope that you do not try to find out more about her through other channels. Her name is Li Jing Lei. and she is 27 this year.  She is currently a research student in Columbia University.”

Sharing that his parents have accepted his girlfriend, Leehom wrote, “My parents like her very much. I hope that you guys do.”

Prior to this post, the 37-year-old Taiwanese star has been revealing his desire for a family. Many have also speculated if wedding bells are ringing soon for Leehom. Now that he has announced his romance, looks like marriage is not too far for him.

Source: Ettoday, qq.com 

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