Lu Chen a scapegoat in “Looking for Leehom” magic show?

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At the CCTV New Year’s Gala, Lu Chen poked fun at Li Yundi when he tabled his “brokeback” scandal with Leehom Wang during his magic show. A sentence, “Are you looking for Leehom Wang?” has caused so much uproar.

First, rumours have been circling that Leehom had slapped Lu Chen at the backstage as he was furious with his joke. Subsequently, CCTV and Yundi both said that Lu Chen’s line on the stage was not agreed beforehand and was a personal behaviour undertaken by him.

“Looking for Leehom” initiated by Li Yundi

Yesterday, the Taiwanese magician fired back and released a statement that the joke was initiated by Yundi. Lu Chen’s manager said that the pianist had approached Lu Chen and offered a suggestion, “Why don’t we talk about Leehom as the last year effects were quite good!”

Yundi’s manager agreed and said, “No problem. We do not mind!”

Lu Chen’s manager said that the joke was carried out on stage when both parties agreed on using Leehom to create the special effect. However, Lu Chen was harshly criticised and made a scapegoat after the magic show was broadcasted.

Lu Chen was threatened 

After the incident, Lu Chen reportedly called Yundi and sought his help to clarify the matter. However, Yundi only wrote on his Weibo that he “was happily collaborating with Lu Chen”.

Lu Chen’s manager also said that Lu Chen had received a threatening call from an anonymous person who warned him not to speak on the matter. In the statement, Lu Chen emphasised that he did not have any specific “background” and would not bow to any threats.

The purpose of the statement is to uphold his integrity and to tell the truth.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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