Lynn Hung: “It won’t be that exhausting once a relationship goes public”

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Recently, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming have been making headlines after going public with their relationship. The couple also held hands for the first time in front of the cameras at Angelababy’s 25th birthday.

A few days ago, Lynn Hung appeared at an event and was asked about her junior, Angelababy’s relationship. Lynn said that she saw the news as it was on the headlines.

Responding on Xiaoming’s luxurious sports car gift for Angelababy, Lynn said, “I am not jealous. It’s good to make a relationship public and it won’t be that exhausting anymore. It also won’t be that troublesome choosing a place for a meal. I understand it.”

Was she hinting at her relationship with Aaron Kwok?

Asked if she was unhappy that her past relationship was never made official, Lynn replied, “I am not saying that I am unhappy. I chose the person and the way we got along. I can’t blame others. When you are in love, you will do anything.”

Lynn declined to respond if her ex-boyfriend had given her any surprise.

“I won’t think about the past. It’s over whether it is good or bad. I have to leave everything behind to wait for a new person to appear, but I am still working hard on it.”

Source: Sina 

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