Netizens discuss the breakout on G-Dragon’s face

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BigBang‘s leader G-Dragon was discharged from military last October, and all fans are eagerly waiting for his comeback.

Yesterday, he got fans excited by posting a few photos on his Instagram and many speculate if he was shooting for a poster or commercial.

Unfortunately, netizens also discuss about his complexion. In the photos, it appears that G-Dragon may have a minor breakout, and small pimples are noticeable on his face, even if he was wearing makeup.

Netizens also speculate that the breakout could be due to constant wearing of masks or if it was due to prolonged use of foundation.

G-Dragon is unfazed by the discussion about his complexion as he did not delete or edit the photo. His post has also garnered 640,000 likes after it went online for half an hour!

Source: Nownews

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