Patrick Tse refuses to apologise to Kenneth Tsang: “Ask him to wait till the day I lie in coffin”

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Veteran actors Patrick Tse, 79 and Kenneth Tsang, 80 were in the headlines after a shocking slapping incident at the press conference of a TVB travelogue programme, Three Amigos Bon Voyage <4個小生去旅行>. During an interview, Patrick went angry at his co-star, Kenneth and suddenly swore and slapped him.

After the incident, Kenneth was very composed and said that he would be waiting for Patrick’s call to apologise to him.

When a reporter called Patrick and told him about it, he flared up and said, “Wait for my call? Ask him to wait until the day I lie down in coffin! (Are you still angry?) Of course, I am! Have you seen me so angry before? He deserves to be punished.”

Patrick said that Kenneth had provoked him first at a dubbing studio at TVB. While dubbing, Kenneth hinted that Patrick was holding up everyone with his slow pace.


“I have not been involved in dubbing for more than two years, unlike him who is involved in dubbing everyday. If I am dubbing everyday like him, my pace will be fast too! When reading the script. he said, ‘XX! I initially wanted to go off soon, but now I am still here!’ I asked him to keep quiet. After that, he just walked around impatiently, and the director asked him to sit down. I wanted to hit him that day, but I held back because we were at TVB.”

Patrick also suspected that Kenneth was faking his illness while they were filming in Russia. Kenneth said that he was suffering from arthritis and had joint pain in the leg. He often requested the working crew to push him around in a wheelchair.

Patrick said, “There was once he stood for 2 hours while filming him cooking. He was alright, and not in pain at all. Obviously, he was faking it. He always thought of stealing the limelight from others. If he had the ability, don’t suppress people. He has not changed his character all these years!”

Patrick also refused to collaborate with Kenneth again. Patrick said that he would invite the working crew to a meal on August 17, and challenged Kenneth to turn up.

“If he dares, let him come. (Will you invite him?) I won’t but if he dares, he can come.”

Meanwhile, TVB has responded that the slapping incident was not a publicity stunt to promote the new programme.



Video: Patrick Tse angrily slaps Kenneth Tsang (Source: Oriental Sunday)



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