Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma pair up with Patrick Tse in new drama, ‘Bet Hur’

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TVB new gambling drama, Bet Hur <賭城群英會> will be premiering on Monday, June 19 2017, at the golden time slot, 9.30 pm.

Produced by Hong Kong director, Wong Jing, Bet Hur assembles a stellar cast of veteran actors and A-list stars, like Patrick Tse, Monica Chan, Nat Chan, Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma.

The drama marks the return of veteran actor Patrick Tse to TVB drama, who has not filmed a drama for the past 30 years. It also sees the return of former TVB actress, Monica Chan who paired up with Nat Chan as onscreen couple.

Producer, Wong Jing said that Bet Hur is a tribute to Patrick Tse’s 1980 drama, The Shell Game <千王之王>. He also invited Monica to star in the drama.

“They are both my good friends. As they are suitable for the roles, I invited them to star in this drama,” said Wong Jing.

First time collaborating with Patrick, Charmaine said, “He used to film The Shell Game, and know many gambling tricks. He will showcase them in the drama. It’s also an eye opener for me. It’s like watching a magic show.”

Charmaine also revealed that she had worked with Monica 18 years ago. This time, she will be acting as her disciple, and her role is very challenging as well.

Other stars acting in the drama include Connie Man and Dominic Ho, who starred in Wong Jing’s movie, The Gigolo <鴨王>. This is also the duo’s first time participating in a drama.

Watch the trailer of Bet Hur <賭城群英會>



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  1. WONDER Reply

    will like to watch this drama

  2. ALaina Chiang Reply

    Bet Hur, TVB drama seems like a great drama with A list actors including Charmaine Sheh, a lovely and great Chinese actress! Sheh stars with Kenneth Ma in this drama, Sheh is a young person, whether 34 or 31 percent 40 years of age, is much younger by 10 or 15 years than people who are 53 years old.
    THis Patrick Tse, if he is 65 then he is the only actor who you indicated is veteran actor.