Shocking words by Aaron Yan: “I am no longer friends with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen”

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Fahrenheit’s fans are shocked by Aaron Yan’s words that he is no longer friends with his other band members, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen.

Accepting an interview recently, Aaron recalled his days in Fahrenheit like a “vase” standing alongside to Wu Chun who was considered the most outstanding in looks and popularity. Aaron also felt that the other three members were just “free bonus” standing next to Wu Chun during magazine shoots.

Aaron also revealed why the band had decided to split up. Wu Chun, Jiro and Calvin all reflected to the agency that they would like to drop off their idol image, as they were all above 25 years.

Being only 20 that time, Aaron felt unfair to him and said, “Did they ever consider my feelings? How about I going to survive?”

Despite the unhappiness in the band, Aaron shared that he only keeps in touch with Wu Chun.

“He truly treats me like a buddy,” said Aaron.


Aaron also admitted that he is “no longer friends” with Jiro and Calvin, and he “can’t act anymore”. His interaction with Jiro and Calvin is only restricted to sending flowers to them at the media conferences.

Many fans are extremely disappointed and upset with Aaron’s words. One fan wrote on his Weibo, “Did you use your brain before you speak? Did you ever grow up?

Aaron also responded directly, “I am sorry that you are still young, and can’t even take in the truth.”

Some fans also remarked, “Did you ever think what your words would mean to all the Fahrenheit fans who used to support and love all of you?”

Seeing that his words have caused a stir, Aaron wrote in his Facebook, “Emotional ties need to be managed. Will you continue banging your head on a wall till you bleed?”

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  1. Lynn Reply

    i just like how most of ya’ll can sympathize with him and understand him rather than others who cant take a hit. some fans just do need to grow up and learn to accept it, not like it was easy for him to do. yes, it’s hard to accept these terms but it is what it is.

  2. HeTieShou Reply

    I am very disappointed in Aaron’s words but I guess it is good to be real instead of faking it. I find it sad that their bond and friendship through the years was all just an act. People kept on saying that F4’s friendship was fake and all but I can see how true their friendship was all these years since to this day, they still refer to each other as brothers. I find that so touching. They even showed up at each other’s weddings if they can and were very happy for each other. I was expecting that from FRH but I guess that cannot happen since their friendship and bond was fake. How sad is that? I used to think all members of any group were all buddies but I can now see how untrue that is. So sad and disappointed!

    1. Lynn Reply

      if there’s a hit button like or thumbs up icon, i would give it to you coz i like what you said. haha
      i admire that.

  3. Maha Reply

    Please don’t split up like this. You all were good Friend. Be good to each other. Friends are the biggest gift from God. So please give respect to your friendship…

  4. Dee Reply

    I was a hardcore Fahrenheit fan back then and I felt bad when I knew that you guys have already parted ways. The last time I heard about FRH was around 2011 when Chun decided to quit as a member of the group. I honestly felt so sad about it that I decided to divert my attention to K-Pop.

    Anyhow, I was a bit surprised with Ya Lun’s statement, but I had see this coming right after the news popped out regarding Chun’s decision to quit. You cannot maintain the popularity of the group when a member decides to quit. There will always be an empty space left for that member who leaves the group. In regards with Ya Lun’s statement, It may be a bit harsh to some fans, but I think he’s just being true to himself. I thought the rumors about him and Jiro being in bad terms were just petty issue and can be easily resolved. But upon hearing his statement, I felt bad that their seperation as a group didn’t end well. I may be a Da Dong-biased before, but I admire how Ya Lun stood up firmly and learn how to do everything on his own. I just wish for both parties to be well on their chosen careers and I hope that there will be a reconciliation on both parties someday, it may not be sooner, but when the right time comes. You cannot throw away the memories that you’ve once shared easily. To me, you guys will always be the first group that I stan. Until then, Fahrenheit!

  5. Va Reply

    I argree that aaron is the youngest among them n he sure will feel weird that other grp members is older then him but if he relise Calvin n jiro always there when he need help they nv show their care but as a grp member aaron should know that they r also together they r like together for 6 years I am sure that everybody also felt hurt when 飛輪海 has only last for 6 years I think that aaron should say out to them of his feeling I am sure all of them would know n they will also sure that they change n be good to him even if I am aaron fans but I think that if he say something wrong I should always stand up n correct him I hope that 飛輪海can be back together sing dance play laugh n cry together

  6. jo yi Reply

    don’t worry Aaron I will always be beside you and wu chun too.

  7. Anna Reply

    its whether true or not u can decide something else or start a new band even though they not ur friend u can finds friend better then them anyway ur young when ur young u can do everything or go on a trip when u came back start a new band or something.

  8. joanne dam Reply

    is a good thing that you broke up with that friend whose been mean to you so you don’t have to like keep pretending to be their friends

  9. mouna Reply

    Well I remember when people threw bottle at him the only one who stand for him was Wu Chun. Jiro and Calvin didn’t care at all, so I think maybe the word he said can be true.

  10. Becky Reply

    ” it takes a lot if courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends” (Harry Potter/JK Rowling)

    This guy hands down has my respect. Recently our dear family friend passed away. She left words of wisdom with her daughter “Don’t say anything unless it’s truthful, kind or necessary”.
    It was good for him to express those qualities with his fans because in the final analysis a lot of other people in his position would have continued on with the facade and eventually drive themselves mad.
    Stay Strong Mr. Yan/Wu!

  11. Lala Reply

    My favorite among these 4 was & still is Wu Chun. Too bad he’s no longer on the lime light. But after reading some of Aaron’s news. I like the way he thinks, “very smart guy,” very bold, he takes his idol responsibly (so far). I’ll be watching. I never cared much for the other 2, for some reason they just don’t catch my attention. I believe you should be able to choose who you’re friends with.