Aaron Yan is blasted for his “rain triggers earthquake” theory

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Aaron Yan has been blasted terribly for his “rain triggers earthquake” theory.

Two days ago, Aaron shared his thoughts about a series of earthquakes that hit Taiwan recently. He said, “It has not rained for a while. This week’s heavy rainfall has moistened the dry soil and causes the soil to erode, thereby triggering the earthquakes.”

Aaron’s post has drawn many harsh criticisms from netizens for his scientifically inaccurate theory. One netizen explained that earthquake was triggered by tectonic plate movements. Not happy with the netizen’s remark, Aaron snapped back, “Are you from the department of Geology?”

Aaron also wrote another post, saying that he had never insisted that there is a link between rain and earthquake. He also cited a report by the Taiwan Seismology Centre director, Guo Kai Wen, saying, “When the soil eroded and water level increases, seismic waves could amplify.”

On the same day, Guo Kai Wen refuted Aaron’s post and said, “There is no correlation between soil erosion and crustal movement!”

After receiving a string of harsh criticisms from netizens, Aaron had no choice but to apologise last night.

“I’m sorry for causing everyone to worry that I might be imparting misconception for my unproven theory and unspecified sources of information or evidence. I really could have handled this matter better. Sorry.”

Source: Apple Daily

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