Sisley Choi breaks up with boyfriend?

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Although Sisley Choi has never admitted her relationship with dance director Shing Mak, the duo was often see together on dates.

A few days ago, Shing Mak suddenly posted a image which read, “Never let somebody waste your time, twice”. He also remarked on the image, “To forgive is because of love. To leave is to respect myself.”

Hong Kong media speculated that Shing Mak had hinted of his breakup with Sisley. Earlier, Sisley also posted an ambigious message on her social media, “Every once in a while we ought to ask ourselves the most simple question yet the most complicated one : What is the purpose in life?”

When the media asked Sisley about her breakup rumours, she said, “Instagram is a channel for everyone to express their thoughts. Everyone who reads will have different thoughts. There is no need to dwell over it. Thank you for your concern.”

Sisley also declined to respond on her relationship with Shing Mak. She said, “I am not talking about it. (Are you single now?) I won’t talk about it. I am now dating with The Unlawful Justice Squad <踩過界>. (You have broken up with Shing Mak?) I won’t want to talk.”


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