Wu Chun makes shocking confession: “I am a dad!”

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Wu Chun

“I am a happy super dad!”

Yes, these are the exact words from Wu Chun.

Wu Chun may break his fans’ hearts when he confessed on his fan club website today that he was already married and has a child. His confession came across as extremely shocking as he denied all rumours about his marriage and his four-month-old daughter back in 2011.

In his blog page, Wu Chun wrote, “Yes, I have a new role that money cannot even buy. I am a happy super dad!”

According to the media speculations, Wu Chun’s daughter is two years old.

The Brunei born Taiwanese idol also disclosed that his wife was his high school sweetheart and he met her at the age of 16. The couple has a steady relationship for 18 years.

“She is also my first love. She has always been by my side all these years, be it ups or downs. From my study days in Australia, the passing of my mum, when my best friend left me, my business in Brunei and even till now, she has always been by my side, encouraging and supporting me.”

Wu Chun also spoke about why he had kept his relationship a secret.

“When I first entered into the entertainment industry, I did introduce her to my friends. When more and more people knew me, she gradually did not want to expose our relationship. She did not want unnecessary attention from others and did not know how to handle the headlines from this industry. I respect her decision. It is with her 100% support that I can bravely deal with the difficulties and challenges.”

Wu Chun also took the chance to seek his fans’ understanding for keeping his marriage in the dark.

“I know that this is too sudden and some may need some time to digest and understand. Whatever is your reactions, I understand. I have no other alternative, I seek your understanding.”

Many have questioned his sudden confession and wondered if it was an deliberate publicity for his new book launch tomorrow.

Wu Chun’s manager responded, “Wu Chun will address these questions tomorrow [at the new book’s media conference].”

Source: Ettoday 

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  1. selfie Reply

    i was shocked so damn much when he confessed up about this. but then i was like, freakingly happy to hear this! i felt happiness in every moment. we shouldn’t judge him wrongly and call him a liar. we all ever lied, its normal. besides, he did this to cover his family. he did his responsibilities well, as a dad. as his biggest fan, i congratulate him, and wish him happiness with his wife, daughter, and his coming-soon-son! hope his marriage is everlasting ♥

  2. Miss RAndom Reply

    I am happy for him. I understand he had to keep this a secret due to marketing tactic from the management agency also b/c of the crazy fans out there who might hurt his family. However the timing is a little off since it’s right before his book launch. It feels a little publicity stunt. None the less like everyone else he deserves to be happy and have a love and family life.

  3. tricia Reply

    celebrity are like products. since this product has been marketed as a single hunk, then the fans have the right to sue this company that mislead the fans into believing that this product is a single hunk. call the lawyer and sue him.

  4. Minority Reply

    I’m sorry. But the more I read the different news articles by various news agencies, the more I think he is doing it out of publicity and has the intention of manipulating the media. I refer to this article by Asiaone ShowBiz on 1 Oct 2013 http://news.asiaone.com/news/showbiz/wu-chun-pays-homage-spore-new-book?page=0%2C2 (just moments before he released his ground breaking news)

    He was basically giving PR talk in the report. I quote ” Wu, who usually avoids private questions, said: “I can only share myself with one girl. That one girl can be Singaporean, Indian, Australian et cetera.

    “I don’t limit myself to anything when it comes to looking for the right girl for my life.””

    I would have respected him more if he was honest with his fans. But who am I to have a say in such things? What is done has been done. This will be a learning point for all stakeholders involved

  5. mari Reply

    Omg ! He is dad now , at first I cannot blame him for his secret love because many ladies will absolutely disappoint or he will not theirs ideal man, if they found out he’s in a relationship already, lying is a big no ..it’s hurt somehow to think you been dreaming about him later on he’s already taken … but anyway he has a reason and maybe the right time to tell the truth and how hardship he been through hiding someone he loves . but telling the truth fans will more accept who u are … real fans accept his idol no matters he is as long he is nice, humble and appreciate theirs fans..

  6. Newton Law Reply

    His press release will show him crying and say sorry.

    Miliion reasons why he did not disclose his marriage and ask for forgiveness.

    It’s alright to LIE if you are a celebrity.

  7. Carrie Reply

    Wow, this was a shocking confession. Have to commend Wu Chun for his brave confession. Media will now try to dig more information about his other half now.

    1. Newton Law Reply


      He has make his millions and he can retire now.

      It’s the fans who are the been let down.

      What values he is promoting??? LIES, LIES and LIES