Wu Chun queues 5 hours for Michael Jordan’s merchandise

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As a former Brunei basketball national player, Wu Chun is a huge fan of NBA games. Recently, Wu Chun was in the States and specifically proceeded to Huston to catch his favourite NBA game.

Wu Chun is an avid fan of Michael Jordan and even put on his Bulls 23 jersey at the NBA game. The charming Fahrenheit member also attracted some Caucasian women to take a picture with him!

As this year is Michael Jordon’s 50th birthday, Wu Chun will not miss out any chance to grab his merchandise. In order to lay his hands on the limited edition merchandise, Wu Chun spent five hours on the queuing! We can imagine that Wu Chun will be beaming with joy and walked out with bags of Michael Jordon’s merchandise.

Source: Apple Daily 

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  1. Mikan Reply

    Wu Chun is really so handsome !