Yoyo Chen’s IG account was hacked and was extorted US$500

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TVB actress, Yoyo Chen’s Instagram account was hacked and she was being extorted US$500 to revive her account. To avoid her fans from being scammed, she immediately released a statement.

She wrote on her Facebook “This is an emergency notice. My account was hacked and stolen. I was even extorted to get my account back. My profile photo was changed to another man’s photo. If he approached you, please be careful. That person is not me! I want to alert everyone. Please take note!”

She also screenshot her conversation with the hacker, and that hacker extorted US$500 from her to get back her account.

In an interview with media, Yoyo said that the hacker even conducted a live session on her IG to sniff drugs!

“After he hacked into my account, he deleted my account information, photos, contact number and email address. He should be that person who pretended to be a personnel from the social media platform, who sent me an email. He sent me a link and asked me to verify my account, and I believed it! When I recalled back, something was not right. He said that if I did not click on the link within 24 hours, he would close my account. It should be that link which stole all my information!”

After her account was hacked, she also said that the hacker did a live session on her account to sniff drug. She was worried that her fans would be wondering what happened.

“My friend saw that he did a live for about 2 minutes, and there were 300 viewers. He also keep deleting my photos.”

Source: On.cc

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