Anita Yeun’s most heart-wrenching love declaration to Chilam Cheung: “You have to die later than me”

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Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen joined the second season of Zhejiang Satellite TV reality programme, Having you in my life <一路上有你>.

In the latest episode, the theme of the programme was “If you have left 24 hours of your life”. During a meal, Anita told Chilam, “I an going to tell you something very important. You have to die later than me. I don’t want to see the one I love die, so you have to watch your health!”

Chilam broke into tears after hearing what Anita said, and replied, “I will do my best.”



Recalling the episode, Chilam said, “I don’t dare to rewatch the video. I am worried that I will cry. The theme was “If you have left 24 hours of your life”, and the TV station arranged 8 to 10 things to do with my wife. I remembered we had to draw for each other, and we had to use a pen tip to outline the other party’s face. I felt it was very meaningful, but the scene was edited out. It’s a pity.”

In the show, Chilam gave a bouquet of flowers to his wife, and even carried her on his back.

After watching the episode, many netizens were so moved to tears.


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