Christine Kuo’s race car flips during a practice

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Last week, TVB actress Christine Kuo was involved in an accident during a car racing practice in Zhuhai.

A video clip of her car accident was circulated on the web, and it certainly looks very dangerous! Christine’s race car flipped several times before landing on the road. Fortunately, Christine was unhurt during the accident.

She replied through a text message on her car accident, “I am fine. No worries!”

Christine said that the safety features of the car was excellent and she did not sustain any injuries at all.

Christine also did not know that her car accident was recorded. She said, “I believe it was filmed by the car behind me. I took a break to learn and practise my driving skills. I already took leave from my company. I wanted to upgrade myself. It was not for any racing competition. I also informed my manager and company about my accident. Everyone knows that such activity is quite risky, so I have bought insurance.”


TVB senior executive, Virginia Lok said that Christine had taken leave till October, and was also aware that Christine was preparing to take her international driving licence.

“She called me to inform me that she was safe. I even teased her that she had such bad driving skills. I am thankful that she did not get hurt. She is using her break to learn driving. There is no need to report to us.”





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